Since I fully control every aspect of my software, I can render arbitrarily-large images with high resolution (could be blown up to the size of a wall, or even a building). I can also tweak colors, and do other customizations and commissions to work with designers (such as to fit in with a particular color scheme).


I am potentially open to interesting commissions. If you've got an idea to chat about, contact me at

Open-source software

I offer the following free and open-source tools:

Truthy Graph

  • ~ A simple graphing app which lets you visualize math functions... not just where they are equal (as most graphing software does), but also where both sides of the equation are not exactly equal. Life isn't all black and white - there are lots of pretty colors in the liminal spaces.


  • ~ An extremely secure file encryption app which is a downloadable standalone .html file.


  • ~ A cyber weapon for seeing (and monitoring) the wifi devices around you. Example usage: to make sure your security camera isn't spying on you.

I mostly paint with math equations (outsourcing most of the details directly to God, which is the origin of the name, "God's Art"). I have an obsession with waves. I am generally driven by an exploration of the particle/wave duality nature of reality.

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