Caleb was born in Birmingham, Alabama. His interest in math art started when he was first introduced to graphing calculators (TI-89!) as a high school sophomore (2002), and he thought "I can draw with math?!". Caleb also got his start programming in high school.

Around 2012, Caleb started started playing around with wave math in order to visualize sound. And soon thereafter, he started using similar wave math in order to do radio hacking. He demonstrated the ability to break into cars and control security systems et al by modulating radio waves (using software-defined radio).

As Caleb's fascination with waves continued, he got curious about how some of this math might look if visualized. As he was thinking about how to visualize it, an interesting question occurred to him: if typical math graphs show where an equation is exactly true (where both sides of the equation are equal)... but what would it look like to graph functions and be able to see not just where they are equal, but also where they are nearly equal (shades of gray...or COLOR).

Then, around 2018, Caleb had a series of massive ego-reducing experiences, and he started seeing more wave patterns everywhere. He started trying to recreate some of the natural wave patterns he was seeing, and just got addicted to it.

But then he decided to try to make a lot of money, and tried (and failed) to build a startup in Colombia, then burned out hard for over 3 years. And after years of trying to "should" himself into working while burned out, in January 2024, he started doing Yoga (with other exercises to help clear his lymphatic system), and realized his inner child had been throwing a tantrum because his inner parent decided to put his art mostly on hold while trying to pursue money. So he repented, and started pursuing his art HARD.

After living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for about 12 years, Caleb now lives with his family in the ~wavy~ mountains of North Georgia in a little town called LIJ.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by waves. I use my own custom software along with mathematical equations to try to emulate some of the beautiful wave-like patterns I have seen in nature (such as the prismatic interference patterns of light streaming through the trees).

I took on the name "God's Art" because my son once referred to a piece I did and said "that looks like God's art". I had previously referred to some fractal art as "God's art", because the definition of the structure is directly outsourced to God via simple equations.

Additionally, "God's Art" is a concept that transformed my worldview... I believe every person (and every creature, and every "thing") is God's Art (so think twice about calling it "bad"... it's all a work in progress).

But God is not just the Artist though... God is also the Art. "In the beginning was the Art, and the Art was with God, and the Art was God."


To get in touch with me, you can email me at caleb@gods.art.

I mostly paint with math equations (outsourcing most of the details directly to God, which is the origin of the name, "God's Art"). I have an obsession with waves. I am generally driven by an exploration of the particle/wave duality nature of reality.

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